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About us

MADRIDEM was born in 2005 with the firm objective of providing help and advice to displaced French speakers in Madrid. In that period of time we are proud to have facilitated the arrival and have made happy to senior executives, professionals, families, businesses and Government agencies. In 2008 we expanded our services to customers abroad, of any nationality, with a project for the future in the Spanish capital. In 2010 and 2011, we build our clientele with several embassies that trust since MADRIDEM to its facilities.

We are a family company, a small team but very dynamic, with professionals from the real estate sector, business, international trade, human resources, marketing, communication and design. At the forefront of everything: two women entrepreneurs, Franco-Spanish, mothers, with a long career in multinationals and companies of prestige, and with much experience in the installation and extensive knowledge of the city of Madrid. For us, customer service has become, with the passage of time, in our profession and in an absolute vocation that each day brings many personal satisfactions.

'Believe in your dreams and you will create them' it has been and it will be always our motto
Isabelle Boix - Director and founder of MADRIDEM